Emergency shelter well covered during snowstorm

To the editor:

It has been heartening to witness and hear stories of neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers during and after the recent gigantic snowstorm. I would like to share another heartening story of SAM’s House emergency shelter during that snowstorm.

Normally open from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. each night of the winter season, the full-to-capacity shelter stayed open from 5 p.m. Friday until 8 a.m. Tuesday thanks to the generosity and caring of so many. With nowhere to go during the day, staff and volunteers worked together around the clock so that guests could remain at the shelter during the storm. Those that could reach the shelter took extra shifts, covered for one another, and took turns sleeping and working.

One volunteer snowshoed to the shelter two days in a row eager to help out. A couple made it in to help play and read with the children staying in the shelter. A family drove a good distance through the snowdrifts to bring dinner one night and a couple called Angie’s Main Cafe to deliver dinner another night so that all were fed.

Everyone worked together to be sure that those without a home would be safe, warm and fed during the snowstorm. I am grateful to everyone for the extra caring and work which made that possible. I continue to be humbled and thankful to live in a community that cares for and helps each other. We are blessed.

Muffy Culhane,

SAM25 Board President,