Jazz came far to be appreciated

To the editor:

I’m going to embrak on a mission, long overdue for me to do, seeing as I’ve been an intense listener to this art form for over 64 of my 76 years alive.

I will give a cluse, first of all, to what jazz is. In two letters of the alphabet, jazz is I.I., standing for impromptu improvisation. That’s it, folks, as brief as it can be. Jazz is spur-of-the-moment thoughts and ideas of one or many musicians, singers too, performing to the same entertaining end, which can be from swinging, hard driving upbeat to low down gut bucket blues.

What it is not is something sleazy, hidden away in smoky underworld den of crime. Indeed, this fact was realized by the U.S. Congress in 1987 when they declared jazz to be a national treasure, surely one of the best deeds that Congress ever did because it removed the false, undeserved image that had clouded jazz’s presence on Earth for over 125 years. In 2002, the Smithsonian:Insitute declared April to be National Jazz Appreciation Month.

Now, to the present day, when we have hundreds of middle and high schools nationwide teaching this art form, even to the point of competing against other schools within their state or even to regional areas of the nation. Jazz competition nationwide would serve a more artful purpose than a spelling bee, I’m sure.

I would advise all of Shawano to continue to support, and hopefully increase their support of their own high school , whose jazz study/performance program directed by master Chris Kent has attained the highest of praise in and beyond our state.

For jazz afficionados of earnest, be advised of jazz programming on FM radio band 89.3 locally, carrying National Public Radio, totally uncommercialized, so as to educate people, not sell them hamburgers or automobiles. It happens on Friday and Saturday, 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

P.S. Two jazz videos are available on a reasonably inexpensive cable television package.

Brian K. Semrau,