For Whealon, winning only the beginning

Congratulations are in order for Ed Whealon and his supporters for staying true to his conservative fiscal campaign message and his commitment to becoming an active manager in the day-to-day operation of Shawano city government.

Even Tuesday’s terrible spring blizzard, dropping more than 11 inches of snow on the Wolf River Region, couldn’t keep voters from exercising their right to elect Shawano’s mayor. Despite treacherous travel conditions, voters went to the polls and awarded political newcomer Whealon a narrow victory over incumbent Mayor Jeanne Cronce in her bid to serve a second two-year term.

Whealon and Cronce are to be commended for conducting respectful and issue-based campaigns, offering voters a clear understanding of the priorities for their respective administrations should they be elected mayor.

Shawano was very fortunate two community-minded individuals, who both clearly love the city, stepped forward to answer the call for public service.

Now, the real work begins.

Whealon campaigned on an agenda of economic expansion and growth and discussed at length the need for Shawano to be more proactive in attracting new business, industry and housing developments to the city while working with existing businesses to keep the economy on an even keel. Whealon also spoke about building alliances with neighboring communities and building stronger relationships with Native American tribes.

We believe Whealon will bring an open and inclusive style of governing to City Hall. He will quickly reconcile any differences with Cronce and her supporters to bring the entire community together to work for a better Shawano. Whealon’s ability to build bridges and mend fences is one of his strongest traits, and it’s this style of leadership that’s critical to move Shawano forward.

Whealon’s campaign envisioned an aggressive agenda for the next two years, a vision voters embraced and expect will be implemented to build a stronger and more economically vibrant Shawano. With a clear understanding of the machinations of city government following 34 years with the Shawano Police Department, we believe Whealon will hit the ground running, pushing for growth and economic development and taking full advantage of Shawano’s strategic location, natural resources, quality educational system and sense of community.

The Shawano Leader joins the residents of Shawano in congratulating Whealon and stands ready to work together to improve the quality of life for all residents.