Weather patterns can’t read a calendar


Leah Lehman

Spring? Snow? Winter? The calendar says spring, but I doubt our weather patterns can read a calendar, because as I look outside my window, it looks more like winter. Somehow that does not fit into most people’s plans for spring.

I had to clean several inches of snow off the car after finishing up my election work shift at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. When I got near my driveway I saw a huge bank of snow, left by the plow and wondered how I would ever make it in the driveway. However, I put the pedal to the metal and drove right through it. The car was fishtailing up my knoll that I call a driveway, so had to let up the gas so I wouldn’t hit the garage. But the car straightened up and kept going and I got parked safely. The garage floor may be wet with melted snow, but at least the car is not stuck in the snow.

A grandson came to my rescue by plowing the driveway, so now I am set to go in and out as I please, well, at least until the next snow. Hoping this to be the last, but the spring of 2018 seems to be one to remember.

Many people wonder where the snow was in the winter months, when snowmobilers could have made better use of it. The fact remains that no one can change the weather, and it will continue to surprise us. I, for one, am glad no one can change it, because everyone would want something different.

Some of the birds I have noticed in the backyard seem to regret their early return. They finally found the sunflower seed bell that I had hung up a couple months back, I should get some more I think. When the snow that fell on Saturday melted off the back yard, I saw multiple robins bobbing around feeding on what they could find on the still brown lawn.

When I travel into Tigerton, I look at the pond near the high school to check on the geese. At times they are swimming, and other times they are sitting on the skim of ice that formed overnight.

It seems that Wisconsin is not the only state being treated to winter weather in spring. I have friends in Nebraska, in the Carolinas and they are also getting snow. We have heard about the numerous storms that have hit the east coast.

Meanwhile, the forecast doesn’t sound great into next week, however, here in Wisconsin, we know that weather can change quickly. I remember the wonderful fall weather we had until the sudden cold front moved in, and stayed beyond its welcome.

I recall a spring six or so years back where high school spring sports teams missed about half of their season, due to cold snowy weather. The following year wasn’t quite as bad, however, most games wound up as doubleheaders because of weather conditions.

It is easy to complain when things don’t go as planned. I admit to doing my share of it from time to time. However, I am learning that complaining does not help make it any better, and just puts me in a bad mood. So I am choosing to go with the flow, and enjoy each day as it comes.

So, all I can say is hang in there, the real spring will come, and soon I will be saying, “It’s too hot.”