Young adults show passion on gun issue

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter “Laws don’t keep people from getting guns,” in which the writer concluded that “those concerned school kids” needed to be informed about the issue before “they shoot off their mouth.” Not only did this demean and trivialize the passion being shown, but it misses the issue entirely. No one is better qualified to be concerned than kids who live in fear of being killed in their classrooms, who have to go through safety drills that tell them to sit quietly and don’t make a noise, and who have been attending the funerals of their classmates killed by an AR rifle wielded by a mentally disturbed individual. These “very concerned school kids” are, no doubt, remembering the 20 6- and 7-year olds also killed in their classrooms — and the concertgoers in Las Vegas and the nightclub attendees at Pulse and the black churchgoers by a white supremacist, all with AR rifles and/or bump stocks. Who better to lobby and march and plead for better common sense gun laws — including waiting periods, mandated registration for guns sold at gun shows or private sales, a ban on bump stocks and a ban on the sale of AR rifles — than these very concerned school kids?

The writer should also note that these very concerned young adults aren’t advocating for confiscation of guns. As a second-grader at Sandy Hook suggested in a Solomon-esque way, confine AR rifles to gun ranges where people can rent them and then return them much as we do bowling balls or bowling shoes today. As has been pointed out many times, and apparently needs to be pointed out again to the writer, these rifles have only one purpose, and that is to kill people.

As for the argument of the Second Amendment and the Federalist Papers that the writer suggests these kids read before they shoot off their mouths, this is probably the first line from the NRA playbook. In reality, our founders could not even imagine a weapon beyond a smoothbore muzzleloader, a far cry from a weapon that can shoot dozens of bullets before a muzzleloader can get off more than one.

Let’s give these young adults all the credit they deserve for demonstrating their passion and for shaming all the politicians who are trying to hide in the corners rather than support them and pass common sense gun laws. Let’s not say “Laws don’t protect people” — that’s a fatalistic stance that allows the slaughter to go on.

Jeanne Connors
Town of Wescott