Which side of history will representatives be on?

To the editor:

Recently I sent the following email to Rep. Mike Gallagher, Sen. Ron Johnson, State Rep. Gary Tauchen and State Sen. Robert Cowles.

“I hoped you watched some of the coverage on the marches all over the nation on Saturday. I read an opinion piece in the Boston Globe that highlighted seven things that could be done with guns to save lives. I recommend the article to you and hope that you will take the time to read it. One fact that I did not realize. Twenty-two percent of adults in the United States own guns. Seventy-eight percent of adults don’t own guns.

“I am not against guns or gun owners. I am against giving my life so someone else doesn’t lose their assault rifle. This reminds me of the push to get smoking out of restaurants and taverns. It took a while, but the rights of over 80 percent to not have to breathe someone else’s smoke won over the 14 to 20 percent that smoked. We didn’t take away their cigarettes; we just made some common sense laws. Supper clubs, restaurants and taverns are much better places to be in now, and it is hard to remember what it used to be like.

“Which side of history will you be on? Will you represent the majority who want something done about the senseless killings of our citizens, or will you continue to support the minority? If you are honest about it, there really is only one side to be on.”

Dan Everson,