Screnock best choice for Supreme Court

To the editor:

With many of today’s societal ills being the direct result of decisions rendered by the courts, it is more important than ever to elect the right judges.

That is why I am asking my fellow citizens to support Michael Screnock for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Screnock is a committed constitutionalist, which means he will defend the rtle of law, as well as enforce the laws of our state as written. He is supported by the majority of our state law enforcement and county sheriffs.

His opponent, on the other hand, is a Milwaukee liberal with a record of going easy on hardened criminals, as well as being dedicated to legislating from the bench despite what our constitution has to say. Remember, all our constitution means, and this includes our national constitution, is what a certain number of people in black robes say what it means. Vote wisely, my friends.

John Krizan,