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Euthanizing geese not common sense solution

To the editor:

If you think about it, common sense is often not too common these days. This is very true in the people making decisions for us.

The thought that the answer to handling the goose problem in Shawano is to euthanize many of the geese. Park and Recreation Director Matt Hendricks and Shawano Mayor Jeanne Cronce are showing that they don’t understand what they are trying to push through.

First of all, the large amount of geese that were here used the Shawano waterways as a rest and feeding stop on their way back to Canada. They were not here to breed. This should have been obvious as there is no such thing as a Wisconsin goose. Common sense.

Yes, the geese can be a problem with what they leave on your lawns, docks and boats. This also includes the ducks and other birds. Does this mean we should kill all of the birds? They are all God’s creatures. Maybe the people who want them destroyed should just go back to where they came from and not try to make Shawano what they left.

To reduce the goose and duck problem, just don’t feed them. I have seen this work in Neenah.

It was also very apparent that a typical move for politicians is to have open or closed meetings to get what they want, and do not tell people when or where that meeting will be held.

The Shawano area is a great place to live and play. Let’s keep it that way.

Chester Gooding,