Whealon supporter’s feathers ruffled over geese issue

One of the questions, at the mayoral debate, was a issue dealing with the city of Shawano’s transparency, i.e., meetings and such.

Candidate Ed Whealon answered the question by saying: “There was not enough transparency.”

Though there are many examples, he used the euthanizing of the geese at Smalley Park and Huckleberry Harbor at this debate. He discovered the $6,000 expense in the city budget for killing the geese while he was preparing for the debate. Let’s be clear; the city wanted to kill the geese.

It has since been learned a “public meeting” was held on March 7, and a biologist attended to share information and get input from the public. The only problem was, no one from the public attended because no one from the public knew about this meeting. The city failed to send a notice to the city’s official newspaper, The Shawano Leader, regarding this meeting. Instead of setting another date to hold a meeting with proper notice, which is required, the city of Shawano made a decision to kill the geese, oil the eggs and order the permits without input from the Shawano residents.

Not only is it not proper, it’s unlawful.

It would have been in June without public knowledge. If and when the public complained after the fact, the city’s response would, no doubt, have been, “We held a public meeting and no one attended it.” Learning of the euthanizing created a huge outcry by city residents. As a result, a public meeting has been scheduled for April 4.

Ed Whealon stated he does not support the euthanizing of the geese. He does recognize a problem exists but feels there are non-lethal alternatives to keep the geese from coming onshore. For example, several golf courses successfully use silhouettes to keep geese off the property. This is just one example, of many, that could be considered and would be considerably less money.

The euthanizing of the geese was one example of lack of transparency. Period. It happens far too often. However, it’s only one of many issues that exist with the current city administration.

Let’s be clear — The city of Shawano wanted to kill the geese. The city did not post the meeting properly, unlawful. Ed Whealon does not support euthanizing the geese. Ed Whealon believes in transparency for our city residents from all city officials.

Vote for transparency and accountability. Vote Ed Whealon for mayor.

Rory Burton,