Whealon knows how to work with people

To the editor:

I am endorsing Ed Whealon for mayor of the city of Shawano. I do not live in the city, so I am not able to vote for Ed, but I do live in the county. I want the city of Shawano to be successful because a thriving Shawano city affects the county in a positive way. A successful thriving city assures that county residents have employment opportunities, shopping and medical support close to home, just to name a few things.

Ed has run a business and understands the difficulty in starting and operating a business. As the chief of police, Ed worked with several agencies in and outside the city and county to build a modern weapons firing range that is in use to this day. That type of project takes planning, team/consensus building, leadership and vision.

The city of Shawano has full time people that manage the city and mean well but do not have to answer to the voters; the mayor must answer to the voters. Ed addressed the needs of Shawano community as a police officer, police chief and successful business owner.

Shawano needs clear long-term vision, and I believe that Ed Whealon will provide vision and strong leadership with a steady hand of leadership on the rudder. I encourage you to vote for Ed Whealon for mayor of Shawano on April 3.

Col. Richard W. Kucksdorf (ret.),