Screnock’s positive attributes deserve consideration

To the editor:

As the Supreme Court race nears, it is good to be reminded about the many positive attributes of Judge Michael Screnock.

After having served in local government for over 12 years, he received further training when he worked at the law firm of Michael Best and Friedrich in its Madison office.

Civil litigation and administrative proceedings in a wide variety of subject areas continued to be Judge Screnock’s focus, as well as many complex cases, including defending Act 10. He has co-authored annual legal updates on administrative law topics for a Wisconsin State Bar publication.

As one of three Sauk County judges, he handles every type of case including, but not limited to, probate, juvenile cases, small claims disputes, divorce and family matters, traffic violations, civil commitments, as well as every type of criminal case.

State Supreme Court justices Rebecca Bradley, Michael Gableman and Dan Kelly, along with retired justices David Prosser and Jon Wilcox, have all endorsed Judge Screnock. More than 40 Circuit Court judges have endorsed Judge Scenock, as well as the sheriffs from over 50 Wisconsin counties.

As the April 3 election date approaches, there is only one qualified candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Vote for Judge Micheal Screnock, the only candidate who respects and defends the Constitution and its meaning.

Mike Hille,