The Glorious Newspaper

I love a newspaper! It not only gives you the news without interruptions of annoying commercials, but it offers so much entertainment. Opinion articles are most enlightening with letters to the editor and essays from famous people. Comics offer a choice of your favorites with wise conclusions.

Then you can settle down to your favorite puzzles. Mine are crosswords and jumbled words. I can crack them most of the time. I never got into sudoku and gave up on cryptograms.

Columns include advice, recipes, gardening, health, personal tales of the good old days and more. When I was a kid, they always had a dress pattern, and I would make cut-out dolls out of them. One paper offers hours of interest for me in the quiet of my living room.

With all of the electronic media, folks feared for the demise of the newspapers, but staring at a screen has proven to be hazardous to your eyes and health. You can clip articles and columns from a paper for posterity. I have files full of the printed word, and my grandkids are ready to grab them for themselves.

Support your local paper and provide yourself with many entertaining hours of mental activity. It’s not only good for your mental health, but for your well-being also. There’s something for everyone in a newspaper.