Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Laws don’t keep people from getting guns

Is anyone else fed up with getting half the story when watching most broadcast news?

In the Florida shooting tragedy, almost nobody in the reporting of the incident points out that the shooter violated multiple gun laws when purchasing firearms. Did those laws stop him? No, no, no.

You first have to have law enforcement agencies report threats and mental issues to the local police and instant check system so actions can be taken. That includes the FBI dropping the ball when very clear threats were made on social media. Just what good is it to make something illegal if the law enforcement people are not going to do something with the information?

Passing more laws never means they will be enforced. Prime example would be immigration laws and the actions of California. Do I make my point?

If all those concerned school kids want to find out why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution, read the Federalist Papers written by the founders. It has more to do with protecting the country’s citizens from an oppressive government than anything else. Look it up before you shoot off your mouth on an issue so you are at least informed.

Bruce Watters,