Big Changes Happening on August 7, 2019.


Cronce has helped Shawano progress

Don’t forget, April 3 is an important mayoral election. Under the leadership of Mayor Jeanne Cronce, the city of Shawano is experiencing a positive change in momentum. There has been business expansion, business facade improvements and new business arrivals — Tumbleweed, Belmark, Culver’s and Stubborn Brothers Brewery, just to name a few.

Our city parks have improved amenities either just completed or slated for completion this year.

In 2017, Shawano had the highest rate of new home building permits in 10 years.

Mayor Cronce and city officials have shown grit and gumption in tackling the vacant building epidemic in downtown Shawano. After a long, methodical process, neglected buildings will either be renovated or demolished. This will open the way for limitless destination possibilities that will attract visitors and encourage residential establishment in our city.

These are exciting times for Shawano. We need Mayor Cronce’s positive, hands-on, futurist-minded leadership to ensure this momentum continues. It is with great confidence I encourage you to vote Jeanne Cronce for mayor on April 3.

Karen Preston,