Cronce cares about community, should remain mayor

To the editor:

Mayor Jeanne Cronce knows Shawano, is dedicated in her role as mayor and has the perseverance to continue in a positive direction for the community. This prompts me to voice my support for Mayor Jeanne Cronce.

Over the past two years that I have gotten to know Mayor Cronce, not only did she listen to me, but I also listened to her and her endeavors to improve Shawano.

Property was sold with promises to bring in high-end stores and make Shawano thrive. Now empty buildings stand with legal constraints that make it difficult to move forward. This negative transition did not happen overnight, and it can’t be fixed overnight. I also see business owners coming into the area and thriving.

Shawano is no different than other small towns that had their downtown areas succumb to strip malls being built, taking away patrons from small business owners who couldn’t compete with Kmart, Walmart, etc. Adding to the impact, downtown buildings, as well as other areas, were sold with promises that never happened. Mayor Cronce cares, is interested and is working to turn around what has affected our community.

I live across the street from Franklin Park, and for 20 years, the neighbors joined forces trying to stop building on the property that would have had a negative impact on our neighborhood and property values. Now I see property transitioning from an empty lot to a beautiful park. The voters wanted it, and it’s happening.

I see an old theater transitioning from an empty building to a business Shawano will be proud of. Mayor Jeanne Cronce knows the needs of Shawano, has contributed to positive change, and has maintained a positive attitude throughout her tenure. I would like to see her continue as mayor.

For the past two years, a small group in my neighborhood has worked to bring about a Neighborhood Watch program. This was not an easy task with a lot of effort put forth to get the group up and running. Jeanne Cronce has taken the time to attend meetings, meet our neighbors during a block party and kept her door open to us as she does for all Shawano citizens.

Now it is our turn to support Mayor Jeanne Cronce this coming April and let her continue with her endeavors to help Shawano continue to grow in the right direction.

Susan K. Scheinert,