Meet Tammy Huebner


Carol Wagner Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Tammy Huebner is a volunteer with the Wee Care Food Pack program at Zion Lutheran Church in Shawano.

Tammy Huebner is a volunteer with the Wee Care Food Pack program at Zion Lutheran Church in Shawano.

Huebner was born and raised in Appleton, graduating from Appleton East High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and has been working in surgery at ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano almost 20 years. Currently, she is taking courses for quality improvement and innovation certificate at NWTC.

Huebner and her husband, Paul, who works at TimberPro, have been married 16 years. They have three children and live in the town of Wescott.

Q What is the Wee Care program?

A “I’m the council member of Church In Society at Zion Lutheran Church who created Wee Care and organized it. I bring the information from the church to the society. We provide food for families/children in need when they go home on the weekend. We work with the school counselors. They give us a family number — no names are involved — of kids who might not get a healthy meal on the weekend.”

Q What types of food do you need?

A “It is all nonperishable foods of single serving sizes. We need drinks, fruits, veggies, and protein. It can be brought to the church office. You can also donate money and come to help. Every week the members of the council fill the bags. Other groups take the bags to Olga Brener (Intermediate School) and Hillcrest (Primary School). The counselors will let Mikki (Moesch) know how many they need.”

Q What else do you need?

A “We get tons of help from the Zion congregation. Youth groups love to help. I am on the Youth Committee and get them to volunteer and be active in church. We’ve received good feedback. There‘s a lot of people in need. People have heard about it and are utilizing it. Other churches have approached us about helping.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “I’ve gotten more involved with church and want to make a difference in the community. I’m able to provide children with a healthy meal and this is my way of helping take care of them.”

During the month of February, food is being collected at the Shawano County Library. The Shawano Area Young Professionals will collect food March 1-9 at CoVantage Credit Union in Shawano. Items need to have an expiration date six months from the time they are donated.

During the 2015-16 school year, 1,068 items were given, There were 1,309 items given in the 2016-17, and the current school year count is already 1,000 items. Approximately 56 bags are packed each week.