Ice storm good excuse for ‘spring’ cleaning

I always think that winters are easier to handle if there isn’t any freezing rain. Seems this year we have seen our share of that. I am hoping the latest episode is the frosting on the cake, and these crazy weather patterns will shift toward a warmer, more stable note.

Not that it is any comfort, however much of our country has been hit by ice storms, too. I know they are more common in some areas of the country. I also know that if there is the possibility of ice in the forecast, I will not go anywhere.

A few times in the past, I had been in Shawano — and once, even Tigerton — when I came out of a meeting, only to be greeted by cars not being able to get up the smallest of knolls. That was Tigerton, many years ago, on President’s Day. I had come out of the high school, saw cars not making the hill on the street and wondered how I would get home.

The farm I lived on was about five miles away, and there were hills no matter which path I chose to take. I decided to take County Road J out to a side road, and then tackle Tower Road. In that journey, I found every pebble or every snowy spot I could to try to provide extra traction. I was tightly gripping the wheel as I slowly wound my way home, and I sent up prayers of thanks to God when I reached there safely.

Now as a senior citizen, I am content to stay put in these conditions. There is always plenty of stuff to get done at home, and I’d have to be iced in a long time before it all got done.

On Tuesday, I mainly stuck to sewing for mission quilts. Our quilt group at church got somewhat of a late start this year, and my surger was giving me problems. But now that is working better, I am putting both backs and tops together.

I am actually in dire need of doing some real spring cleaning, or perhaps I should say “clutter cleaning.” I wanted to get at the closets, dressers, file cabinets and anything else that needs tending, but it seems I need to be in the right mood — the “get rid of that” mood.

As I am tackling the file cabinet and some of my shelves, I’m finding things that I forgot I ever had. Lots of old writing things from when I was in the writers’ class. I also found a calendar from 1982, given out by the Gambles store in Tigerton. That was closed so many years ago, it’s hard to remember we ever had a hardware store in town.

I do recall even purchasing appliances there as things wore out, and also doing a lot of Christmas shopping there. Small towns have changed a lot since the ’80s; now we are lucky to have a grocery store and gas station.

I don’t remember 1982 in particular, but it seems I stayed home a lot more than I do now. There is hardly anything written on the dates. Mainly doctor or dentist appointments for me or one of the kids. There are a few school events and birthdays listed, but other than that, I guess I was a stay-at-home farm wife and mother.

The most shocking thing however, is I can read what I wrote. Astounding how my writing has deteriorated over the years.

However, I have some appointments coming up and plan to go, hoping the weather will be better.