RDA mulls next steps on blighted property priorities

Action already underway on 2 downtown SIST properties

With action still pending on two blighted downtown properties, the Shawano Redevelopment Authority on Wednesday cast an eye to remaining priority properties on its to-do list.

The RDA directed Assistant City Administrator Eddie Sheppard to renew contact with the property owners to see where things stand on their efforts to make improvements to the properties.

Though some have presented plans in the past, there hasn’t been any subsequent action on most of the properties, all of which are currently vacant.

The properties include the former El Mariachi’s building at 635 S. Main St.; the brewery building at 713 S. Main St., which was purchased by Dan Hartwig and is undergoing renovation; and the former Main Street Pub at 135 N. Main St.

Four other properties on the list are all owned by the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology or its subsidiaries.

They include the former Muehl’s Furniture building at 201 N. Main St.; the former Subway restaurant at 951 E. Green Bay St.; the former Taco John’s at 1214 E. Green Bay St.; and the former Country Aire building at 311 E. Green Bay St.

SIST also at one time owned the El Mariachi property, but lost it in a foreclosure suit in 2013.

The RDA has already initiated action against two other downtown SIST properties at 143-145 S. Main St. and 214-216 S. Main St.

Jurisdictional offers have been filed under eminent domain laws for those properties.

The RDA is offering $37,000 to SIST for the 214-216 S. Main St. property, using the figure SIST provided in its own appraisal.

The RDA is also offering $46,000 for the real estate and buildings at 143-145 S. Main St., along with relocation expenses of $28,000.

The Hunan Chinese Restaurant currently leases the building at 145 S. Main St. from SIST.

SIST had 20 days since the dates the offer was made to respond or object in court.

Sheppard said the clock will run out on that timeline in about a week and a half.