Former mayor backs Whealon’s bid

I am proud to support Ed Whealon in his effort to become the city of Shawano’s next mayor. Ed and I worked closely together while he was police chief and I was mayor.

I learned Ed has excellent follow-through. When he said he was going to do something, he did it. He is a good decision maker, firm and decisive. When he has something to say, he is up-front, honest and direct. I always appreciated his “common sense” approach while dealing with complex issues.

During my tenure with the city, Ed told me becoming mayor was a goal of his. His wife, Diana, supported his dream and she signed his nomination papers before succumbing to cancer on Christmas Eve.

The city of Shawano deserves a strong leader; someone who will stand up for the taxpayers; someone with follow-through and commitment. Having been a city department head, Ed understands budgets, TIF districts, borrowing limits, etc. His many years of municipal experience are invaluable.

As a former business owner, Ed knows how important each and every business is to our city. He will work with business/industrial leaders to create a business-friendly climate. He shares the community’s concerns about the empty buildings. He will work hard to retain the businesses we have while promoting our city to new business prospects.

Although I know and respect our current mayor and the other candidate, Jim Oberstein, I believe Ed Whealon’s many years of municipal experience, his promise of controlled spending, his proven leadership skills and commitment to put the taxpayers first make him the best choice.

Lorna S. Marquardt,