Clintonville School Board to look at superintendent evaluation


Grace Kirchner Leader Correspondent

Clintonville School Board member Kris Strauman presented a draft of a superintendent evaluation process Monday.

Strauman said it was only a draft and changes could be made.

“On the first page of this superintendent evaluation process, each board member should fill out the form. We are using a rubic for all the different Wisconsin standards that a superintendent needs to meet,” said Strauman. “We need to provide written commentary feedback and recommendations for improvement or keep things the same for the superintendent, and we need to allow meeting time for us to discuss the superintendent and have the superintendent bring in artifacts, with proof of meeting some of the standards,” she added.

The superintendent will also do a self-evaluation, which he will share with the board.

Superintendent David Dyb said he would participate.

Strauman said that a superintendent evaluation should be an ongoing process with it beginning in July.

The board would meet with the superintendent, who would update the board on the goals. The board would take a look at artifacts and give feedback.

Strauman said there would be another meeting in January, which would include discussion along with information from a staff survey.

The staff survey would be strictly confidential, and the final evaluation process would be completed in April.