Meet Matthew Yoder


Carol Wagner Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Matthew Yoder volunteers with Habitat for Humanity where he helps mainly with tech support.

Matthew Yoder volunteers with Habitat for Humanity through Americorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) where he works mainly with tech support.

Yoder is a native of Hillsborough, New Jersey, graduating from Hillsborough High School. Yoder attended Raritan Valley Community College and then earned a degree in history from York College last year. In the fall of 2016, he spent a semester abroad in Costa Rica studying Latin American History and Spanish at the Universidad Veritas. Yoder and his twin brother, Keith, are both volunteering with VISTA, with Matthew in Shawano, and Keith in Denver. Yoder is living in the town of Washington. He also has a sister, Corey, and a nephew, Aiden. They are the children of Ron and MaryJane Yoder.

Q What are you doing for Wolf River Habitat for Humanity?

A “I am a volunteer with Americorps VISTA. My title is developmental enhancement. It’s a lot of technical stuff. I have also made flyers and banners for the concert on Sunday. There will be musicians, homemade desserts, coffee, and a speaker. I work behind the scenes. I am trying to increase Habitats presence on Facebook and make weekly posts. I have been working on the hours, post pictures, and how people can donate. They can also donate at the store and the warehouse, donate money online, and bring items to the store to donate.”

Q Why did you choose this way of volunteering for Habitat?

A “It’s what I grew up with. I provide a fresh look at the website with enhancement. I am adding and improving. I think Habitat is an amazing organization and there should be more like it. The people involved in Habitat believe in it and put their heart in it and aren’t being paid for it. I think it’s great.”

Q Why are you volunteering?

A “I was looking for something to do after graduating and this is good to put on a resume. There’s a lot of people in the world and in this county who need help. It showed me that there’s a lot of poverty where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. Eventually, I want to get a master’s degree. You can never learn too much.”