Meet Richard Lundt


Carol Wagner Leader Correspondent

Photo by Carol Wagner Richard Lundt is a trustee and member of the Men’s Club at Life Church in Shawano.

Richard Lundt is a trustee and member of the Men’s Club at Life Church in Shawano.

Lundt was born in New London and graduated from Clintonville High School. He worked for Seagrave in Clintonville for one year and then was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War, serving stateside at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. He returned to Seagrave, where he worked for 46 years and two months, first in the paint shop and then on the trim line. Lundt is retired and so is his wife of 48 years, Karen. They have three children and five grandchildren and live in Shawano. Lundt likes to hunt and fish along with watching sports, especially high school sports.

Q What do you do to help Life Church?

A “I am a trustee of Life Church of Shawano Inc. and a member of the Men’s Club. I count the offerings after the service and keep the books, and then the secretary puts it on the computer. I do almost all of the lawn-mowing in the summer. I shovel the walks and take out the garbage.”

Q What do you do as a trustee?

A “There are four of us. We work with the pastor and make sure things are taken care of in the right way. When business comes up, like if we wanted to do something to the building or if there is remodeling to be done, we bring it up before the church. Their money helps pay for things. We paved the parking lot and put a new roof on the church. We had to vote on it. We got a new furnace and new fake ceiling in the church basement. Otherwise we take care of the smaller things that need to be done.

Q What do you with the Men’s Club?

A “Over the years I’ve taken charge of working at Charlie’s Red Barn for the Men’s Club. Our main income is the brat fry. I do the grilling. We will have it three days in August. I have done the grilling over 50 times last year helping other organizations. We gave a couple hundred dollars for the relief fund in Texas and Florida. We gave money for getting a new cordless mike for the church. On Aug. 22, 23 and 24, the men‘s group goes on a fishing trip at Star Lake northwest of Eagle River at Errington‘s Resort. We fish in the morning, have a service around noon and a campfire.”

Q Why do you volunteer?

A “I really enjoy it. I feel it’s something I can do and the Lord blesses me for it.”