County hikes hockey league’s rent at Crawford Center

Rent goes from $42K to $48K

Shawano County officials Wednesday approved a new five-year lease agreement with the Shawano Hockey League that puts the onus on the league to be a little more frugal in its use of utilities.

The league has been renting the Crawford Center for about 10 years at a rate intended to cover expenses incurred by the county for such things as insurance, snow plowing, routine maintenance and utilities, with utilities being far and away the biggest expense.

Under the last agreement, which expires in April, annual rent was set at $42,oo0.

Under the new agreement, the league’s rent was raised to $48,000.

If operational costs come in below that amount, the county will reimburse the league for its overpayment of rent.

If expenses are above that, the county will absorb those costs and not charge the league for any additional rent.

“It puts the onus on them to be a little more efficient with their utility use,” said County Corporation Counsel Tony Kordus.

The league rents the center from mid-October to April.

The new lease agreement was passed unanimously.