Christians don’t act Christ-like

To the editor:

Three cheers for the De Pere City Council for passing a transgender nondiscrimination ordinance.

There are well over 100 Christian denominations in America, each with its own interpretation of the Bible and each proclaiming that they alone are correctly teaching the Christian message.

Many Christian preachers spend inordinate time denigrating other Christian denominations’ biblical beliefs in order to validate their own. Turn on TV and watch Jimmy Swaggart run down mainline Protestant denominations and the Catholic church.

In 1967 interacial marriage was prohibited in the state of Virginia. The Evangelicals said the Bible told them so.

President Jimmy Carter, our most religious president, quit the Southern Baptist Convention over their biblical teaching about the role of women.

The Rev. Matt Baye of Hope Lutheran Church indicates that being transgender is a manifestation of sin. The Bible told him so.

If all the Christian denominations agreed on the interpretation of what the Bible says, then we should have only one Christian denomination.

The Ten Commandments are more generally agreed on by most Christians. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Thou shall not commit adultery.

With 50 percent divorce rate among heterosexuals in our society, one would think our Christian clergy would preach about those two commandments. There are two states where adultery is a felony crime. Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Can’t do that! Church attendance would drop and collection would shrink.

Herbert Grover,