Condos should be geared toward seniors

To the editor:

I am excited to read about more condos going into Shawano. While I do understand the feelings of homeowners near the old Shawano hospital property, condos won’t devalue your property. Condos are the future.

The only thing I wasn’t clear on, was, are these condos going to be 55-and-up only? The one thing smaller towns are lacking, are nice condos for seniors who no longer want to maintain a home and large yard. They also want to travel more, and owning a condo makes that a lot more feasible. I’m hoping they will not be two story condos like the ones on main street and also not two story condos like the ones behind the old Pick ‘N Save area. You need ranch style condos with no one living above you.

As far as the four-story apartment building for “young professionals,” if I were a home owner around there, I would oppose that. I had suggested years ago that the old Shawano hospital be renovated into luxury type apartments for 55-and-up only. The building was already there, but now that it’s down, developing the area into classy condos appeals more to me.

The price quoted to rent the “upscale professional” apartment building was a bit steep for the area I think. You don’t have the single professionals in the area that Green Bay does. They have a lot of those types of apartments in the downtown area of Green Bay on the channel, but they also have sport bars and other entertainment venues within walking distance downtown Green Bay, and also De Pere.

For heavens sake, don’t add more apartments with little kids. You have plenty of apartments for them. Think about catering to seniors. They also keep their property up, unlike some of these homes that are rentals.

My husband and I would be the first to look at these condos if they are 55-and-up only, are one story, and if the apartment building is not there. I know a lot of people our age who are looking for condos.

Kathy Novak,

Cloverleaf Lakes