Waupaca County 4-H youth earn awards

The hard work and dedication of many Waupaca County 4-H members was celebrated recently as more than 150 youth, leaders and parents attended the 2017 4-H Achievement Night at Manawa Little Wolf High School.

Awards were presented to youth for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements in project work as well as leadership opportunities in the 4-H program.

Club officers had the opportunity to turn in their records to receive awards for top club secretary, reporter and treasurer. This year, Evan Retzlaff of Woodland Badgers and Abby and Issy Lybert of Sandy Knoll 4-H were chosen as top reporters. Hailey Burmeister of Woodland Badgers and Josh Barnett of Country Pride, were named top club secretaries. Top treasurers were Kayla Gulbrandsen of Sandy Knoll, Jody Wentworth and Tyler Thontlin of Town and Country, and Kersten Zimmerman, Woodland Badgers.

To highlight the 4-H year, each club had an opportunity to turn in a 4-H club scrapbook. Casey Lake, Country Pride, Lebanon Cedars, Sandy Knoll, Wolf River Rascals and Woodland Badgers each received a certificate for their club scrapbooks. A community service work award went to Country Pride 4-H.

The American Youth Foundation Award is given to young people who demonstrate qualities of constructive leadership, excellence in character and personal development. This year’s recipients include Morgan DeShaney of Sandy Knoll and Spencer Lohff, Woodland Badgers.

Select seventh-grade members who have demonstrated personal, project and leadership growth as a result of 4-H work are presented with a Junior Achievement Award. The awards this year went to Tianna Bestul of Peterson Mill, Brayden Grimm of Country Pride, Lora Korth of Lebanon Cedars and Cora Lederer of Country Pride. Graduating members are eligible for the Senior Achievement Awards. Recognized were: Taylor Eilers and Austin Nollenberg, both of Casey Lake; Maggie Elliot, Sandy Knoll; Payton Magdanz, Lind Center Beavers; Macey Popple, Baldwin’s Mill; and Zoey Vyse, Lebanon Cedars.

Teens in Action awards go to members who provide local or county leadership for a club activity or project. Josh Barnett of Country Pride, Tristin Gulbrandsen of Sandy Knoll, Nicole Kirchner of Woodland Badgers and Grace Peterson of Dayton Community received this award.

Members were also recognized for participation in 2017 educational experiences, including Nicole Kirchner, Woodland Badgers, and Anna Rustad, Peterson Mill, for the Leadership Washington Focus experience. Ian Shofner of Lind Center Beavers and Natalie Rustad of Peterson Mill traveled to Washington, D.C., for the Citizenship Washington Focus Trip. Ahnah Olsen of Sandy Knoll was recognized for attending the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. Taya Alix of Country Pride, Kayla Gulbrandsen of Sandy Knoll, Kaylee Truax of Wisconsin Workers and Kersten Zimmerman of Woodland Badgers attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Wisconsin 4-H Key Award is an award presented to youth who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H program, developed and applied their leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community. The recipient this year was Amy Burmeister of Woodland Badgers.

Outstanding Ag Youth Exhibitors from the county fair were Maggie Elliott of Sandy Knoll and Lora Korth of Lebanon Cedars. Other 4-H members were recognized for their outstanding work in individual projects.