Tuesdays are for teens at library

The Shawano City-County Library is hosting programs for local teens called Teen Tuesday.

From 3-5 p.m. each Tuesday, the Young Adult section or Creation Station is decked out based on broad selection of themed activities geared towards individuals ages 12-18.

The first Tuesday of every month focuses on puzzles, brain teasers, or various games to give brain muscles a workout.

The second Tuesday involves activities from the library’s new Creation Station.

On the third Tuesday, teens will be able to play with their food for Snack-a-Bration.

The fourth Tuesday features repeat Teen Tuesday activities.

Some months feature a fifth Tuesday, which could fall under or break away from any of these themes.

Teen Tuesday informs and enriches the lives of teens by inspiring creativity, offering the chance to use new machines and tools, design great things, and share exciting experiences with peers. On top of that, it’s all at absolutely no cost because it’s sponsored by the Friends of Shawano County Libraries.

For information, call 715-526-3829.