Right on target

Deerhunters group buys 3-D targets for school program

A local club has donated archery equipment to Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School for its individual and lifetime leisure sports classes.

Nick Mechelke, who teaches the two elective courses to juniors and seniors, recently approached the Witt-Birn chapter of Wisconsin Deerhunters Inc. to see if the group could help give the students a better experience by providing 3-D targets.

The club purchased and donated all of the equipment for the school’s archery curriculum, which included bows, arrows and targets. The equipment arrived on Friday.

It is the first time the organization has donated to a specific physical education program.

Although the chapter has donated equipment and block targets to the high school before, this was the first time it donated to a specific program.

Member Denny Brahmer said the club ordered six 3-D targets, costing approximately $2,500, from Rhinehart Targets.

“The targets consisted of whitetail deer, big horn sheep, coyote, wild turkey, pronghorn antelope and black bear,” Brahmer said. “We were fortunate Rhinehart gave us a substantial discount off the retail price.”

Mechelke is excited about the donations that offer the students a more real-life hunting experience.

“Archery is a popular sport in our area and so why not provide the students with this opportunity,” he said.

The club has also provided all of the archery equipment and animal targets for the Witt-Birn Nature Center. At the center’s fall open house, students as young as 10 were able to try that equipment.