Mr. Moneybags doesn’t need a tax break

To the editor:

I probably shouldn’t be surprised that they are at it again. I’m not talking about the small business class. I’m talking about the business class that is already flushed with money and can expect a lot more with the largest big-business friendly tax overhaul ever.

The story goes this way: Mr. Moneybags pays less in taxes, so he can start a new factory where Joe Sixpack can apply for a job, but we are at a time of the lowest unemployment in the past 20 years. Will they be high-wage jobs?

It’s called trickle-down economics, and it has never worked in the past 100 years. Why doesn’t it work? Because it makes no sense.

Mr. Moneybags doesn’t need his tax return to buy Nike shoes, dinner at Olive Garden or Ford cars. Give the average person of modest means $100, and they will return the favor, and it will be in their very own community. Everybody wins, even Mr. Moneybags because he owns the factories or owns shares in the public companies.

Mary Podzilni,