House gets cluttered in search for things

Somehow, even though I knew that it was December and having a house in order is a sensible thing, my house got in disorder shortly after Thanksgiving. I was feeling at a loss when I finished putting up the Christmas lights outside. Sure, I could putter around with them more, or get Christmas items up in the house; but I turned my attention to other things inside instead.

I was determined to find that baby quilt I had started a couple months back and put away. However, no matter how often I looked where I thought it should be, it remained undiscovered. It got me thinking about other things I knew I had, but had forgotten where they were.

While I wouldn’t call what I did cleaning, you could say I was on a quest to discover. I wanted to find some of the writing I had done in years past, while I went to writer’s class. Trying to find old things always requires me to go through other old things, and I found myself finally ready to get rid of some of what I thought I could never part with.

All of that searching unearthed some of the writings from those years of class. Some were published in books produced by the class. I know there are more in the basement, but so far I have not searched those out.

Negatives were another thing attacked. Anyone who knows me knows I like to take pictures. It’s my kids’ fault actually, as they were in 4-H photography, and it piqued my interest also. Now, as long as I have the picture, I can make copies. Besides, who knew what the negatives were even of, and who would take the time to search through this many? So into the trash with them.

That, of course, got me to thinking about the pictures. So then I had to open the chest and look at the albums of photos. That takes me a while, and I put notes on the books so I would know which one had which pictures in them. Lots of Christmases of past to reminisce over. One even of my mother, by that aluminum tree that she had. I wonder where the tree went.

With all that looking at places that I was sure the baby quilt was not, much to my surprise, my memory kicked as to where it was. I have proceeded to finish the top. Now it only needs to be sandwiched and tied. Will it be done by Christmas? I will try. If not, then soon after. Still need to make two more to get caught up. Someday it will happen, I am sure.

So, my once-orderly house now has a sewing machine and fabric on a corner of the dining room table; there is a fabric-cutting board on the island, along with an iron.

In the effort of straightening out the garage, I brought in some of the mission quilting boxes that people have been dropping off here this summer. In January, the ladies at my church will be at work again, making quilts for Orphan Grain Train. Now that I sorted it, the boxes need to go into the basement, so I can make backs for the quilts. Some need to go to church so blocks can be cut.

All of this carrying and sorting has put an ache in my shoulders and hands. It is planned for grandkids to come one Saturday to make cookies, and that sounds great. While they are here, I can let them carry Christmas things upstairs also. The temperature finally got to where it feels like Christmas is coming, even a touch of snow.