Sometimes things don’t go as planned

I knew I was having a bad day when I overslept, and my body was resisting picking up the pace.

Somehow, all the plans I had made for the day were being remade in my mind. Then, when I was about ready to sit down to breakfast, I remembered a project that I was going to do and drop off while I was in Shawano.

I have a small copier to print stuff from the computer, but it also copies sheets of paper when I need to make copies of something. It is a simple contraption that works excellent, unless there is operator error, which there was.

If I don’t do it right, I have to do it over, I thought. So I did it over, and then it stopped printing mid-page, and the change ink cartridge warning beeped. I have had this printer for several years, and it normally starts printing lighter and lighter, or doesn’t print everything, and then I know it is time for new. However, if it wants to quit mid page, we will change the ink cartridge.

After all that, the printing was finished, and the pages tucked away all tidy as I wanted. Then I finally sat down to breakfast and made my trip to Shawano.

At times I feel that I have made that trip so often I can just tell the car “Shawano” and it will travel there. I know that is not the safest way to think, as I need to always be aware of other traffic, and obey the signs. My hands are on the steering wheel, and my foot is on the pedals, but at times my mind wanders, and suddenly, I am in Shawano.

The errands I wanted to do got accomplished, and after a quick lunch, I went to the newly located Total Fitness to get a little exercise. There is a lot more room in the new location, although not the cozy feeling, but I am sure I will get used to it rather quickly. It is great to get a workout in, plus see so many friendly faces.

While I know most of the faces, and I know most of the first names, I know very few last names, but that is okay. Being a Silver Sneaker is not all bad, and that stretch yoga class was just what I needed to stretch out my sore shoulders and neck, and of course, the relaxation that is part of any yoga class is what people of all ages need.

The next stop was home, and all of the things I purchased had to be brought inside. Then I went back outside to try to figure out why some Christmas lights were not lighting up as planned. Duh, I thought, when I saw that one timer was turned to “off.”

Once in the door, with things put where they belonged, and messages checked and answered, I thought I’d turn on the TV and relax a bit. I am not sure how often I pushed the on button of the clicker, only to get no response.

Apparently, my battery died in the clicker as quickly as my ink died in the printer this morning.

Soon, new batteries were installed, and the mind numbing TV was blaring with nothing I wanted to watch. Well, time to turn on Christmas music. As I went to bed that night, I thanked the Lord for the all he blessed me with, even on this day, where things did not always go as planned.