The end of daylight and the buzzing of fruit flies


Leah Lehman, Leader Columnist

Well, somehow most of us got our clocks set correctly for daylight saving time last weekend. The battery in the clock I use the most died the day before. So I put a new one in, set the time and then the next day had to set it again.

After thinking about it for a while, I set it one more time, because the first time I set it ahead one hour. For some reason, that didn’t seem right. I kept thinking, “fall back,” so then I set it back two hours from what it was. When I got up in the night, I checked the cell phone, because I knew that would be right, and that main clock was in agreement.

Sometimes, I guess I get confused and still wish we had the same time year-round, but it seems we can’t change the system.

Another thing my mind is doing lately is remembering dreams, and that is not always a good thing. One night, I had a dream about stealing a truck. I don’t remember how I got in it, but I do remember it was an old rickety truck, and people were chasing me.

There was junk in the back of the truck, and it was flying out all over the road. Then the thought of needing to call the police as soon as I got home to give myself up came to mind, and I woke up. What a relief waking up was, in a safe and warm bed, not an old rickety truck.

I actually had another dream the Friday before the time was to change. Somehow, I thought that night was the night that daylight saving time ended. When I checked the cell phone, it still had the old time. My alarm didn’t go off, and I thought I would be late for church. Then I realized it was Saturday morning, and I had nowhere special to be that morning.

Another problem that seems to pop up this time of year is fruit flies. I had seen fruit fly traps in the store earlier in the year, but I didn’t have the problem then. Plus, I knew I had a recipe for a special solution to solve that problem tucked away in my brain.

It was tucked away so good that I couldn’t remember it. I knew it involved apple cider vinegar, and thought some apple peel and sugar would help. I just put that in a small bowl, and it attracted them — to the point that they kept eating up the vinegar and seemed to be multiplying.

When I went to the store where I had seen the traps, it seems they were all sold out. So, then I went back to the LCFS Thrift Store, as I was volunteering that day. I asked the other gals who were volunteering with me, and they did not have a solution, either. However, one of the customers heard me ask, and she had a recipe for the problem. Now remember, this concoction is for fruit flies only:

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

3 drops dishwashing liquid

½ cup water

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and fasten the wrap with a rubber band. Shake it up a little so there gets to be bubbles on the top, then poke holes in the top of the plastic wrap for them to go inside.

So far, that seems to be working. There are still a few flying around the house, but not like before. Of course, make sure you keep all fruit in the refrigerator where they can’t get to it, and all peelings, etc., out of the house or in a covered container.

I would be remiss in this column if I didn’t mention our veterans, because Saturday is Veteran’s Day. Most communities have a ceremony to honor our veterans. They were there when our country needed them; we should be there to say thank you.