Herbert “Buck” Hofman

Dear Buck,

This is not the way our retirement years were supposed to go. We were going to spend time at our cabin, making firewood, watching the deer, visiting with family and friends around the campfire. We even had a guest cabin planned.

We are married 26 days short of 47 years. How fast time goes by. We met as classmates, dated, engaged and then married. Together, we were blessed with three beautiful daughters: Brenda, Rebecca and Bethany. Then we gained two sons-in-law: Allan and Kyle. Now we have our grandchildren, Adam, Nicholle, Ethan, Micah and baby Cousineau due in March.

You are a wonderful father and grandfather. You taught by example and always made time for them. As my husband, you always loved me. You may not have always said it in words, but you would in the things you did for me.

You worked many jobs, and sometimes, after a day of work, you would go to work a part-time job.

You enjoyed deer hunting and just started turkey hunting. Ice fishing, I think, was your favorite, but you did go walleye fishing also. Many trips to Canada, which you were not sure what the house would look like when you got home. This was my time to change things around.

There are so many other things you have done and accomplished in life. You were always honest in your feelings and your opinions, which sometimes got you into trouble.

It’s sad how one’s life can be told in a few short paragraphs, but I have a lifetime of memories. You will be with me forever.

I love you now and always,


Herbert “Buck” Hofman, 65, passed away Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017. Private family services were held and a memorial service is being planned for a later date.