Sex offender to be placed in Birnamwood

He will live near family with 2 children

Leader Staff

Shawano County authorities say they had no choice but to accept the placement of a convicted sex offender after no location could be found for him in Dodge County.

Jonathan Miller, 31, will reside at N8995 Bluebird Road in Birnamwood after he is released on Nov. 6, according to the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department.

“We don’t have a choice,” Detective Troy Ugoretz said. “We can only educate the public.”

The location was chosen by the state Department of Human Services and approved by Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Brian Pfitzinger, who also approved a supervised release plan for Miller.

The two-bedroom facility on Bluebird Road is already home to another convicted sex offender, according to the sheriff’s department.

Miller, who was a juvenile at the time, lured two girls into a park bathroom where he sexually assaulted one of them. He was convicted in 2005 of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

Miller will be supervised by the Department of Corrections and will wear a GPS monitoring bracelet.

A Birnamwood woman, Amanda Uttecht, is protesting the placement because of the proximity to the Uttecht family’s home and their two children.

Current state law says that a sex offender cannot live within 1,500 feet of a child, or adjacent to a property where children reside.

Miller’s placement was determined not to be in violation of the law because of a strip of land that separates Miller from the Uttecht home, even though that strip of land is also owned by the Uttechts.

The family says they are working with local lawmakers and working to redraw their property lines.