Mother Hubbard needs to restock the cupboard


Leah Lehman, Leader Columnist

I am getting to feel a bit like Old Mother Hubbard who went to her cupboard only to find her cupboard bare. While it is not that I am actually totally out of food, the supplies of some are nearly down to nothing, and others are getting fairly meager.

Other than run in quickly for something needed, I haven’t have had a chance to do any major shopping for about 10 days. By now, my milk is sour, but since my cereal is gone, that is OK, I guess.

I will need to make a list for sure, and check it twice so I don’t miss things.

Most of my trips out of town have been made on days when I was busy and too tired for a trip around a big store.

Today, when I am home most of the day, I am tired also and wanted to take a nap. The phone always rings just when I am drifting off, so I expect I will have an early night to bed instead.

Yesterday, I thought of all of the things I wanted to accomplish today while I was home. That list will have to wait for another day, as this body says, “No way. It can wait for another day.”

I have had the new Intel NUC for a couple of weeks now and am trying to learn my way around the new computer, as well as Windows 10 instead of 7. Much of it seems the same, but others are not, so I guess I will have to take a few lessons to find my way around.

One thing I like, but also dislike, is that Windows 10 is making it easier for me to play games, and at times I don’t have time for games. I have rediscovered Free
Cell and find it difficult to log off without playing at least one game of it. Then there is Pyramid, a game I played a lot many years ago on a different computer. By now, I have forgotten how to even play.

Both are versions of Solitaire, but Free Cell touts how every game is winnable. Years ago, I was going to try to win every game, starting with number 1 and playing until I won. I gave up that pursuit but played around with it now and then. If I didn’t win, I’d just switch to a new deal.

I keep telling myself that it isn’t a waste of time because senior citizens need to play these things to help our short-term memory. I can’t attest to the fact that it is helping, but it sure is a fun way to try; better than medicine, for sure.

Pyramid takes longer to play because you play three screens each time, and if you clear the board of cards, you get a free screen of cards. At times, what I think will take a minute actually takes five or 10.

The real problem comes when I play too many games. My fingers, shoulders, neck and upper back get tired and start screaming for me to “give it a rest.”

Tomorrow, this Old Mother Hubbard plans to take care of her shopping list and also exercise at Total Fitness. The stretch yoga class should help get some of the kinks out, and some good old-fashioned exercise should help chase the stress away, at least for a while.