Much going on in our little city


Lorna Marquardt, Leader Columnist

Today’s article is a little of this and a little of that. Shawano is a “happening” little city.

It’s great seeing all the young ballplayers and their moms, dads, grandparents and friends enjoying themselves at the youth league tournaments. It is so nice to observe the support these kids receive. What a wonderful way for young families to spend quality time together.

An additional positive is the impact these tournaments have on our local economy. Many of the out-of-town families stay at our local hotels. Visitors also frequent our restaurants, discover what fun it is to “shop Shawano,” purchase gas, and enjoy our beautiful parks, walking trails and other amenities.

A word of thanks to Ollie Burmeister for being a longtime local businessman. Ollie’s presence in the downtown will be missed. We wish him a long and enjoyable retirement.

Congratulations goes out to Dr. Jeff Zander, a longtime dentist in our community, on his recent retirement. Jeff and his loving wife, Holly, have shared a great deal of their time and talents supporting the youth of our community and participating in numerous community programs/events. Happy retirement.

Congratulations to the Hilgenbergs for their recent business sale. The Hilgenberg family has maintained a quality and successful business here in our city for many years. It was nice to learn the employees will keep their jobs! We welcome the new owners and hope they will become visible and engaged in the community.

What fun it is watching the Mountain Bay Outfitters bring kayakers, rafters and canoers to Judd Park/Boat Landing. It is nice to witness so many people enjoying the Wolf River and the park. Thank you to the families of Jim and Judy Judd for donating funds for another park bench and a grill. As soon as the grill is installed, I am sure the picnickers will enjoy making burgers and hot dogs in the lovely riverside setting.

I must admit, I missed the annual Shawano County Historical Society’s Rhubarb Fest this year. It had become such a well-attended and enjoyable event. There was however, another event called Everything Rhubarb, a downsized version of the Rhubarb Fest. Some have surmised Sun Drop Dayz replaced the original Rhubarb Fest. I don’t believe that was ever the intent. I think residents and visitors alike would readily support and attend both of these enjoyable community events. On a positive note, there have been some new programs being held on the historic site, and it is nice to see the additional activity there.

If you haven’t driven by the new Belmark building, you might want to take a peek. It is much bigger than I visualized. Seeing it makes one realize what an impact this business will have in our community.

It is nice to see Jill’s Pet Grooming located on Main Street. Welcome to downtown Shawano, Jill.

Nothing beats the tasty brats and burgers made during the summer months by nonprofit groups. Thanks to Charlie’s County Market for providing the space. For many of the groups, this is one of their biggest fundraisers. Please stop by and support them. A special thanks to Don Baumgartner who does the grilling for many of the groups. Good job, Don!

The Ski Shark shows continue to draw large crowds. The talent of these skiers is amazing. I read numerous comments on social media about the wonderful improvements that have been made to the area. There were also many complaints about the littering. There are trash cans for garbage. Someone commented it takes over an hour to pick up the candy wrappers, soda cans, dirty diapers, half-eaten food, paper, dog poop and fast food bags thrown about. Bonduel experienced the same problem after its Fourth of July event. Come on, people, you are better than that. Others work hard to bring events for public enjoyment. Let’s show them we appreciate their efforts.

We have heard of Christmas in July, but tonight the kids can have a little fun trick or treating. It’s called Halloween on the Half Mile. About 50 pounds of candy, emoji tattoos and Slinkys will be given to kids 12 and under in the pit area at the Shawano Speedway after the races. Kids will be able to go to their favorite drivers to collect the goodies.

Sending a shoutout to Scott Reinke, stepson of Doug Erdmann. You have endured so much, yet you never become discouraged. Your attitude is amazing. That little light of yours sure does shine brightly. Enjoy your week.

Answer to last week’s question: The nine-hole golf course (Shawano Lake Golf Course) was established in 1922.

This week’s question: Why did the church bells ring and factory whistles blow from 8:45-9 a.m. on Jan. 27, 1973?

Lorna Marquardt is a former mayor of Shawano.