Letter: Closing Dellwood could fund tech lab

To the editor:

A recent school board meeting included an excellent presentation by the math department and showed exactly what they are doing to improve learning for all students. Not only have they added programming to assist students in the actual taking of the tests, major changes such as adding an extra hour of math for students who are not taking the college prep math courses have been made..

Meeting personally with Clintonville High School Principal Lance Bagstad and Superintendent Tom O’Toole, I became aware of the urgent need to add a STEM lab to our school. School administrators told me a tech lab is a must to attract tech faculty. Bagstad says there is a space available for a lab that includes the 3-D printers and other equipment necessary to prepare our students for today’s workforce. Grants are available; many of which are matching grants. Support from our manufacturing community is necessary, and benefits from a highly trained workforce should be a boost to our economy.

The presence of the three principals from the construction, architect and survey group that led the process leading up to the recent referendum concerned me. The trio seemed to blame the failure of the referendum on a not-united school board. I spoke up to say that the voters had spoken after the board had unanimously voted to let the voters decide.

The consultants said they would be meeting with the board to focus on explaining the financing of the project. They referred to wanting to help the board get a “positive outcome.” For those consultants, that would mean a new expensive project for their firm. I, for one, will be attending these meetings to make sure the citizens who rejected the referendum are heard and informed.

The board voted not to close Dellwood Early Learning Center. This building is being kept open for two classes only. We recognize the need to maintain our existing facilities and update them. Rexford-Longfellow Elementary School Principal Tami Bagstad stated at a previous meeting that there is room at Rexford-Longfellow for those classes. Closing Dellwood could provide more than enough funding for that tech lab we sorely need.

As a proud graduate of CHS, I want current and future students to get the quality education I did.

Mary Beth Kuester,