Letter: Extend kind words to those who protect us

To the editor:

Much has changed in policing since 1962 when President John F. Kennedy set aside May 15 as National Peace Officers Day and the week in which it falls as a time to recognize America’s peacekeepers, but the dedication and self-sacrificing nature of the men and women who commit themselves to the profession has been ever present.

Some may view policing as just one of many career options, but in reality, if you ask most law enforcement professionals you’d likely learn many regard it as a calling.

Most are unaware that the contemporary model of modern law enforcement goes back to the founding principles of the nation. Today’s peace officer acts as a representative of and for the people. We maintain the quality of life we have come to enjoy by our presence and enforcement of laws enacted to help preserve life and protect property. We are reminded that these individuals are also are friends, neighbors and fellow community members who have accepted a tremendous amount of responsibility, and I can assure you that whether on or off duty they are constantly vigilant.

Despite the growing complexities of policing in the modern era, the commitment of our professional peace officers is apparent. Frequently, I receive calls or letters of thanks from people who have had positive experiences with deputies as they fulfilled their duties in keeping the peace and community caretaking.

This week as we pause to remember those no longer with us, I would ask that you also take the time to extend a kind word or gratitude to those who still serve daily, because they have mine.

Adam C. Bieber,

Shawano County Sheriff