School Notes

Contributed Photo STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Students of the Month at Shawano Community Middle School for March are, from left, Mitchell Soto, John Rhode, Brayden Koenig, Adeline Lyles, Grace Huntington and Emily Alvarez.

Bonduel Elementary School

Part of our fifth-grade social studies curriculum is for students to stay informed about current events. Our students get the weekly magazine, Time for Kids, and watch Channel One News.

Time for Kids includes seven to 10 short articles and one main cover story that is two pages long. Additionally, the students take a 10-question comprehension quiz that they complete when they are done reading their magazine. Some of the questions involve making inferences, figurative language, understanding vocabulary, cause and effect, the author’s purpose, and recalling key details, just to name a few. The articles are high-interest articles specifically for elementary students. However, we find many parents enjoy the articles as well. Another feature is called the “Mystery Person,” which includes a picture along with several clues given about an individual. Students use their laptops to search the internet using the clues to find out who is this week’s unknown person.

Another hit with our students is the daily news program, Channel One News. It is a program that is designed to capture the attention of elementary students, and they have succeeded. It is broken into three stories and runs about 10 minutes, total. This program really puts the “current” in current events as the program is filmed and shown, all within the same day.

Fork Union Military Academy

Cadet Alexis Andres Cubillo Mendoza, son of Guadalupe Nelson, of Shawano, earned an Academic Citation for maintaining at least a 3.0 grade-point average during the fourth grading term at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Virginia. He is in eighth grade.