Letter: Referendum will help Bonduel maintain quality education

To the editor:

On April 4, the School District of Bonduel is asking its residents to vote on a referendum measure that would allow the district to levy additional funds for operating expenses. Board members and I have attended and hosted meetings to share information in hopes to answer as many questions as possible. It is an important decision. Our goal has been to inform you on the need and why the voters are being asked to provide additional funds.

Passing the referendum resolution was a difficult decision for the board. The belief is that school district is doing well and we want to maintain the programs and services we offer. It is a balance between stewardship of your tax dollars and the needs of the children.

Academically, our schools rank amongst the best in the state. The elementary school was rated as significantly exceeds expectations and the district exceeds expectations. For this to happen we need a great staff, visionary leaders, and effective partnerships with parents.

In the high school our students have access to state recognized programming that provides access to dual enrollment courses with NWTC and UW-Green Bay. This allows our students access to rigorous coursework and college credit before high school graduation. The numbers in our youth apprenticeship program have increased steadily, resulting in more students graduating with real-life work experiences.

I am confident that our students are leaving our school prepared for college or the workplace. Most importantly, graduates are leaving with the confidence that they will succeed!

As for the community, the district offers so much. Our buildings are always open for community events,and the fitness center provides access to equipment and classes for healthy lifestyles. Most often this is all free of charge. Students and staff give back on a continual basis. Middle school students raise thousands of dollars for fire victims, cancer patients, or families in need. Our high school students and staff participate in Community Service Day, resulting in over 2,000 hours of community service in one day!

Please visit our website for details at www.bonduel.k12.wi.us, contact a board member or me at 715- 758-4861 with questions. As always, you are welcome to visit and see how we use your tax dollars to teach your children, grandchildren, neighbors and nieces/nephews.

Yours in education,

Patrick Rau,


Bonduel School District