Letter: Park improvement benefits far outweigh costs

To the editor:

I just wanted to write a quick letter supporting the referendum for the parks and rec improvements on April 4. I was not able to make any of the town hall meetings, but I had a chance to see the flier with the proposal and am very excited for what this could do for our city.

The updates at Smalley Park would finally offer a great area for recreation on our beautiful waterfront in this City on the Wolf. The splash pad at Memorial Park will be a great addition for young kids and likely be used more than the wading pool, which I think a lot of people forget is even there, with less maintenance. Lastly, the development of Franklin Park with an outdoor bandshell is the most exciting to me. I have wonderful memories as a child of summer evenings spent at my old hometown bandshell listening to concerts on picnic blankets with my family surrounded by neighbors and friends.

In an era where our kids’ lives are becoming increasingly ruled by screen time and outdoor free time is at an all-time low, these parks will not only promote healthier lifestyles but also much needed family time.

I know it’s not free, but if you consider that the yearly cost to households would be about the same as one to three trips for a family to the movies per year, it doesn’t seem all that bad.

The return on investment for increasing safe outdoor play, promoting more active family time and time spent with neighbors building our community far out ways the cost.

I urge everyone to get out and vote yes on April 4 for the health of our community.

Mindy Frimodig,