Letter: Businesses should have well-displayed street numbers

To the editor:

I have a question for anyone who does business in Shawano. Am I the only person who drives down Main and Green Bay streets and tries to locate a business by its street number? I find it almost impossible to find one displayed. I would say that about 75 percent of the businesses do not have a number on their building.

I have tried for several years to get this problem corrected. I have presented this problem to the previous mayor and to the present one and to my councilman, but to my knowledge, so far nothing has been done to correct it. I also made my concerns known to the chamber of commerce and was told, “That is a city problem and we would not address it.”

I keep hearing that Shawano is a tourist town, and we as residents are urged to help tourists in any way we can. Personally, I think it would be a big help to tourists and residents alike if each and every business would have a highly visible number on its property. A uniform numbering system would be even better.

I did hear the mayor on the radio the other day urging residents to have a visible street number on each and every residence to aid fire and emergency personnel in finding the correct residence. I agree that this is important, but I also believe it is important for businesses to do the same.

I, for one, would like to see this problem corrected. Seems to me that is something that would have been addressed when the city paid a lot of money to be revitalized some years ago.

Elaine Montour,