Letter: Attacks on police are attacks on America

To the editor:

Citizens of America: Be it known to all that if by unanimous proclamation of the U.S. Congress entirety, and upon the written approval of our new president, that a law of protection becomes enacted in each of our states that will help protect each and every properly uniformed police officer on duty from personal attack by any enemy of the U.S.A.

The entirety of the police forces, be it a single small-town policeman or the entire force of large cities, is to be hereafter known as the United States Police Corps. Any and all of this force is given the rightful duty so that, being fired upon by anyone with a will to kill, a USPC will dispatch the intended killer with use of finalizing deadly return fire.

Any weapons attack on any member of the USPC is to be considered the same as an attack on any member of the armed forces of this nation. In short, it is a declaration of war against our nation and is to be treated as a treasonous act against each and every decent U.S. citizen.

Brian K. Semrau,