Letter: Oconto Co. resident appreciates Shawano parks

To the editor:

Dear friends in Shawano, I am your neighbor from Oconto County, but I come to visit your city twice a week to swim at the Shawano Recreation Center. In the summer, I often eat lunch at Huckleberry Harbor afterwards.

Those two wonderful facilities alone would be worth the $25 per year on $100,000 of assessed valuation that you are being asked to approve in the advisory referendum next month.

There are more parks that I have yet to experience — 26 in all, according to the city of Shawano website. Currently, I can only imagine all of the baseball and soccer and basketball and football and swinging and sliding and hiking and running that must be happening there.

Another way to look at your $25 would be to say that it’s less than one buck per year per park. A really good deal.

By the way, because I don’t live in your county I pay a premium to use your facilities, which is exactly as it should be. I am delighted to chip in for top-notch recreation opportunities that I can’t find in my home county.

I hope you all appreciate what you have and vote to maintain and improve your parks on April 4.

Marybeth Ascher,