Letter: Clintonville children’s future depends on April 4 vote

To the editor:

On April 4, voters in the Clintonville School District have an important decision to make, whether to vote yes or no on the referendum to approve $24.9 million for the construction and equipping of a new elementary school.

Before deciding on how you will vote, please take the time to become fully informed on the issue. The Clintonville School District website (http://www.clintonville.k12.wi.us) has up-to-date information, FAQs and video tours available. If you missed the March 6 public information meeting, make a point to attend the second meeting at 6 p.m. March 23 in the elementary school cafeteria. Tours of the building will be available. You should have received information sheets in the mail. Contact board members or the central office with any questions.

The referendum question is the result of a community committee, the EFTF, which represented all the citizens of Clintonville School District. An invitation was sent to each household in the district to become part of the committee, and no one was turned away. Watching this diverse group thoroughly examine all the possible solutions and generally reach a consensus was inspiring.

The committee then surveyed the community and made the decision to recommend board approval of the referendum and its placement on the April 4 ballot. The referendum question was developed by your friends, neighbors and family members as the best way to meet the needs of educating our students for the next quarter century or more, in the most economically sound way.

It is time to stop second-guessing the details of the proposed referendum. It represents the community’s best consensus. It might not reflect your opinion in every aspect, but is the best representation of the citizens of our school district.

Before deciding how to vote, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself these two questions: Is my decision based on what is best for the children and the future of our community, or my dislike of current administrators, teachers, or board members? Do I value my own ideas over the community’s ideas?

Clintonville, our children and grandchildren will endure, whereas school personnel are always changing. Each individual in our district cannot have the exact outcome she desires. Carefully come to a decision based on the right reasons and please vote on April 4. Our children’s future depends on your vote.

Jim Schultz,

School Board member,