Letter: Media should forgive Trump; he knows not what we does

To the editor:

It hurts to hear the bitter criticism of the news media.

The press, in all its dizzying variety, makes available to us “the great conversation.” There is an array of talent from our own Shawano efforts to New York tirelessly moving the conversation along.

What is its purpose? Knowledge. Honest news brings us ideas, but not so we can oppose or demolish the others’ ideas. We need to include those others into a larger story. Without this larger structure, the conversation stops and pitchforks come out.

We have a big job to find the Walter Cronkites of our day, who know the danger of fake news versus real news, truth versus lies. They are out there fact-checking their own stories, committed to our great free press.

That brings me to our president. Here’s an excerpt from a New York Post article about golf (which you can Google). Golf sports writer Rick Reilly said: “Trump wrote down scores he didn’t actually achieve on his scorecard, conceded putts to himself by raking the ball into the hole with his putter (‘He rakes like my gardener!’), and called a gimme on what should have been a chip shot.”

Trump disputes the entire story. “I always thought he was a terrible writer,” he said. “I absolutely killed him, and he wrote very inaccurately. I would say that he’s a very dishonest writer. … I never took a gimme chip shot. … I don’t do gimme chip shots. If I asked his approval, that’s not cheating, number one. Number two, I never took one.”

Something we need to know! Astonishing! He never “loses face.” I would be slinking off to the corner but not The Donald.

Hats off to our honest men and women of the press. Keep up the good work and forgive him; he knows not what he’s doing.

P.S. The only other person Reilly remembers cheating as much as Trump? None other than Bill Clinton.

Mary Podzelni,

Town of Wescott