Letter: Hunters need to demand some changes

To the editor:

This past deer hunt was not good. Only the northern management unit had an increase in deer harvest. Generally, we have had a downward deer harvest for many years.

Sportsmen must show up at the spring CDAC meetings and the spring DNR hearings, whether or not you had success in 2016. I still believe that sportsmen overall are getting a bad deal on deer hunts.

My trail cameras, except for a few times, showed little or no deer activity. I hunt in western Shawano County. I had eight tags for bow and gun hunts issued by the DNR. How crazy is that? I did not fill a tag.

License sales were down in 2016. If things are not done to improve deer hunts, the deer hunts should be boycotted in 2017. DNR has a shortfall of $5 million. They want to increase fees. Why should fees increase when the product has not improved? Also, the DNR and state government have not stopped the spread of CWD in Wisconsin.

Factors that reduce deer numbers are crop damage tags, over-harvest of deer by large hunting groups, wolves, bears. Crop damage tags should never be used in the spring. Baiting for bear hunts should not be done in spring when fawns are so vulnerable. Why not start baiting in July with more bait? This would mean two changes to current regulations.

Also, call U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to continue the fight to declassify the wolf from the federal endangered species list.

Ron Schewe,