School Notes

Contributed Photo Bonduel High School students, from left, Alexia Folkman, Jarrette Czarapata, Emily Sorenson, and Alexis Beschta had their art pieces featured in a statewide art show recently.

Bonduel Elementary School

Did you know that a metal and a poisonous gas together give us table salt? At Bonduel Elementary School, the fourth-graders have been exploring the mysteries of “Matter in Science.” We have learned that there are three common forms of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. There is also matter called plasma (the matter in stars) and Bose-Einstein condensate (a special matter formed in laboratory conditions). We have also studied the elements in the Periodic Table and how these elements can be combined as mixtures or by chemical reactions. The students were especially excited by our testing of the pH level of different liquids using litmus paper. We found that bases turn the litmus paper blue and acids turn the litmus paper red. Students were even allowed to take a piece of litmus paper home to test something on their own and report back to class. The students loved learning about matter so much, that they didn’t want the science chapter to end.

Bonduel High School

Bonduel High School and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College recently presented “Using Collaboration to Meet Regional Economic Needs.” Schools from Wisconsin learned how Bonduel and NWTC partner to offer students four pathways to graduation: traditional, early college high school practical nursing, youth apprenticeship and PK-14 dual credit programming.

Every high school graduate needs some college beyond high school to engage in today’s global economy and keep our communities strong. Dual credit students are 2.2 times more likely to enroll in state two- and four-year colleges. Currently, 71 percent of BHS students are enrolled in college courses in high school through our post-secondary partners: NWTC, University of Wisconsin‐Green Bay, Northcentral Technical College and Fox Valley Technical College. This year, Bonduel High School students will earn 1,145 college credits, offering their students a savings of $183,672 in college tuition.

The presentation featured students Ashlie Mastey and Taylor Thiex.

Mastey is a senior studying the health science field. She is a nursing assistant at Atrium Post-Acute Care of Shawano. Upon graduation, she will earn a Level II certification from DWD Youth Apprenticeship Program in health sciences. In addition, as a NWTC/BHS Early College Nursing Program student, she will have completed her certified nursing assistant certification and have one semester remaining to complete her licensed practical nurse degree through NWTC. Ashley will then transfer to Marian University for her Bachelor of Science in nursing.

Thiex is a senior in the youth apprenticeship program in manufacturing processes and machining at Channel Letter Factory (World Wide Signs Systems), Shawano. Upon graduation, she will earn a Level II certification from DWD Youth Apprenticeship Program in manufacturing. Taylor plans to attend UW-Stout to study technology education.

Award-winning artwork of students from around Wisconsin was on display in the student art gallery. The artist’s challenge was to create an original work of art showing their interpretation of how art and science intersect and enhance our world. Bonduel High School students Alexia Folkman, Jarrette Czarapata, Emily Sorenson and Alexis Beschta had their pieces featured as outstanding student artists in Wisconsin. The students are taught by Danielle Piparo.