Letter: We need truth in government

To the editor:

It is a time in our history when we can’t believe everything we hear. Even our new president is notorious for false claims.

We know that, before becoming a candidate for president, Donald Trump told the public that he had proof that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. He only admitted that Obama was born in the United States and thus a legitimate president when the lie started damaging his favorability ratings shortly before the election.

Since becoming president, Trump has lied about the size of the crowds at his inauguration by saying they were larger than at Obama’s. His claim can easily be disproved when looking at pictures of each crowd.

His lies are strategic. After we learned President-elect Trump received 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, Trump claimed voter fraud denied him 3 million or more votes. Is this coincidence enough to bring his motives into question? Can we live for another four years with a president who always has to be “right”?

The mid-term elections in two years will provide us an opportunity to elect representatives and senators who will stand up to Trump.

It is a dangerous situation when our president or his administration lies. Vigilant media in other countries around the world are watching us. Presidential lies make us look like a Third World dictatorship. We must be alert to fake news and an administration that propagates “alternative facts.”

If we want to maintain our American values, we need to make sure that all citizens are able to speak their mind. We must continue to stand up for what we believe by communicating with community members, our legislators, and when necessary, through protests.

Those we have elected need to be accountable for their actions. We need to elect honest public officials who can be trusted to work in the public’s interest.

Jan Koch,