School Notes

Contributed Photo Firefighter Joe Fuss presents a Fire Prevention Week program at Bonduel Elementary School.

Gresham Community School

The parenting class at Gresham Community School received lifelike baby dolls, courtesy of Shawano County Child Support Agency, on Nov. 2. Students took care of the RealCare babies until Monday.

Citizens of the month for the month of October are John Brady, Mikol Meyer, Mahwaeseh Peters, Landon Roe, Robert Kaquatosh, Janay Kirkland, and Jocelyn Cerveny.

Bonduel Elementary School

In social studies, first-graders at Bonduel Elementary School have been studying a unit called Where People Live. This important topic helps us to identify our city, state, country, neighboring countries and continent. Perhaps the most important lesson we will learn is how to give our exact location in case of an emergency.

During Fire Prevention Week in October, volunteer firemen Joe Fuss and Jack Niles encouraged us to memorize our home address, because most families no longer have landline phones. With cellular phones, dispatchers might not be able to identify our location, so it is necessary to be able to tell them our home address. Luckily for us, this need is included in our social studies curriculum! By the end of this unit, all students will be expected to know their personal address as well as their greater location of being a Wisconsin resident of the United States of America on the continent of North America.

By learning this information, first-graders are using a social studies skill that may help them and others in an emergency.